[photo by Joan Tomas]


performance [ scripting ]

UKI performance video is collaboration with 18 Barcelona based queer/postporn performers, each creates and performs her/his personna, utilizing etrash junk as costume and set.

Trash Mistress [Radíe Manssour], UKI Mosca [Idoia], UKI Karo [Carolina], Agent Pony Boy [Patri], Coder XQ [Quimera Yan], Coder madlilit [klau], UKI FANtasia [Maria Mitsopoulou], Coder Lubna [Diana Pornoterrorista], UKI Octo-Pussy [Helen Lafloresta], RUNNER Axia [Ceci Quimera], UKI Tripcall [Melina Peña], Mutant Esteno & Lil [Majo & Elena], Baby Queen [Marianissima], UKI Marimacho [Florian Tokioss], UKI Krew [Agnese], Coder xYx [Laika], Virus St.Maria [Maria Llopis]

view performance time line - 70 minutes

The performance video in its edited version is further processed with PD viral patch during UKI live performance.

script.direction.camera.editing [Shu Lea Cheang]
camera assistant.sound [Ana Marchante & Andy Clark]
pure data viral patch [lluis gomez i bigorda]
viral sequencing [Bex Noname]