Trashmistress roams the e-trashscape. UKI Mosca drinks bio-waste, mutating into half fly. UKI Karo, wired wth extensions, desparately penetrating her own codes. She attacks UKI Mosca and takes in her codes. Agent Pony Boy patrols the E-trashscape, scanning codes. She fears herself being surveilled. Coder XQ searches E-trash, snatching codes. By chance, he finds Version 6.0 IKU runner’s codes. UKI tripcall smashes keyboards for reassembling alphabets. She can hardly spell a word, a human wanna be. RUNNER Axia pries with her dildo tail. Coder Klau digs into the e-trashscape from liquid sky. Agent Pony Boy catches up with her to take in some transgenic codes. UKI FANtasia fans herself as she is overheated from ultra-coding. Agent Pony Boy sucks her eyes for codes. Coder Lubna intervenes. Agent Pony Boy is mad, fucks Coder Lubna to unconsciousness. UKI Octo-Pussy with her multiple dildo-tentacles takes the chance to sweep in some codes for herself. Coder Klau come to Coder Lubna’s rescue, with electro shock to bring Coder Lubna back to life. RUNNER Axia encounters UKI tripcall who chokes Axia into vomitting out her codes. Mutant Esteno & Lil are intertwined with extensions and prothesis for matching the right sequence of codes. Baby Queen reigns the e-trashscape with transmistress as her slave. She takes in Coder XQ, but gets taken by UKI Octo-Pussy. UKI MariMacho prepares her dungeon. She takes in Coder XQ, removes his baby arm encoder, plugs in 3 needles in the liberated ports. Coder XQ’s fresh red blood passed the veins and surrenders the codes. Coder xYx is super clean about her code writing. UKI krew, born out of a drop of contaminated blood, her bad codes discharge from her vagina like an open faucet. With her bad codes, she visits Coder xYx to barter for good codes. Tied and clamped, Coder xYx spams UKI krew with hard-coding. Amid the e-trashscape, code eats code, code sexing code. Virus St.Maria emerges from beneath the e-trash, rendering UKI, the virus.

Hangar open studio live performance documentation (10:00)


performance [ scripting ]

UKI performance video is collaboration with 18 Barcelona based queer/postporn performers, each creates and performs her/his personna, utilizing etrash junk as costume and set.

Trash Mistress [Radíe Manssour], UKI Mosca [Idoia], UKI Karo [Carolina], Agent Pony Boy [Patri], Coder XQ [Quimera Yan], Coder madlilit [klau], UKI FANtasia [Maria Mitsopoulou], Coder Lubna [Diana Pornoterrorista], UKI Octo-Pussy [Helen Lafloresta], RUNNER Axia [Ceci Quimera], UKI Tripcall [Melina Peña], Mutant Esteno & Lil [Majo & Elena], Baby Queen [Marianissima], UKI Marimacho [Florian Tokioss], UKI Krew [Agnese], Coder xYx [Laika], Virus St.Maria [Maria Llopis]

The performance video in its edited version is further processed with PD viral patch during UKI live performance. [Shu Lea Cheang]
camera assistant.sound [Ana Marchante & Andy Clark]
pure data viral patch [lluis gomez i bigorda & Yves Degoyon]
viral sequencing [Bex Noname]