[photo by Joan Tomas]


RUNNER Axia [ Ceci Quimera ]

an IKU runner abortive of Prototype X, badly manufactured with a dildo-tail, a missing link in the evolutionary chain of the runner. She roams the E-trashscape sucking codes with her dildo tail. She takes in bad codes, good codes, unable to tell apart the bad, the good and the ugly. A bad mix of codes, like a bad fix, results in system collapse - chocking out codes in a plastic bag which she always carries with her . UKIs despise her, a code sucker. Some UKI , acting like scrounger, awaits her collapse and seeks codes in her blow up plastic bag. Some coder may throw her some codes for restart when she is down and out…… Each chocking, a kiss to death with pleasure, her kind of orgasm. She can never die. It takes a kick, an injection of codes to bring back RUNNER Axia.

- 10 +