[photo by Rocio Campana]


Mutant Esteno & Lil [ Majo & Elena ]

Sacked by GENOM when the company relocated to bionet, Esteno & Lil took the codes for developing new version of bio-IKU with them. They decide to experiment on themselves with these codes. Esteno & Lil, both coders, now taking IKU codes. They are becoming entwined mutant beings with imcomplete DNA codes. They need to find the right sequencing to complete DNA sequencing for BRAVE new beings. They search for codes, specific codes. They collect and consume codes like desparate code junkie. Esteno with live serpents extension, with her gaze; Lil with wild wire extensions coming out of her mouth, together, they are the DUO code dealers, buying and selling in cold ‘blood’.

- 12-13 +