[photo by Joan Tomas]


Baby Queen [ Marianissima ]

A pervert yet sweet diabolic child born out of E-trash, claims herself both a coder and a UKI, she ports herself among the E-trashscape residents who nickname her Baby Queen. Baby Queen consumes E-trash and turns herself edible with her nake body parts, organic organs, hearts that remind love in a bloody way…. Like a honey bee who feeds on flowers, Baby Queen feeds on love. Her few lines’ exchange with UKIs and coders is termed “simulated orgasmo”.
“ do you love me?” ‘I love you?”
“ Do you triust me” ‘I don't trust you?”
Baby Queen, Bitch queen, Trash queen, the queen of all dealers and all codes. With her peculiar power to give pleasure, she is loved and not trusted.

- 14 +