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"This extraordinarily visually intense film moves from 3D graphics to game engine generated cinematic mise en scène to visual effects enhanced live action scenes in an extraordinary tour de force of contemporary digital collage."
- Matthew Fuller, Professor of Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London

“Cheang is a pioneer of queer new media art who seeks to overwhelm her viewers. Her works involve elements of queer cinema, science fiction, pornography, and networked installation and performance scenarios. The characters in Cheang’s films question heteronormativity and social norms and explore perspectives on liberated sexuality.” FILMFEST MÜNCHEN pays hommage

“Multimediakünstlerin Shu Lea Cheang bleibt sich treu. Auch ihr fünfter langer Film ist ein wilder Stilmix, der die Sehgewohnheiten des Kinopublikums herausfordert und damit garantiert nicht jedermanns Sache ist. “ - Falk Straub,

“Widely celebrated for her genre-bending gender-hacking contributions to cinema and digital art, UKI is the culmination of Cheang’s fourteen-year artistic inquiry into themes of viral love, bio-hacking and queer imaginations” - UKI Berlin premiere LAS Art Foundation
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"This is the coolist, weirdest film i have even seen." - an audience member at Berlin premiere screening. - 23/07/2023

UKI de Shu Lea Cheang: Exploration de la Confluence entre Technologie et Rêve par Camille Pellicer.

愛、病毒、生物駭客 - 孫松榮訪鄭淑麗 12/10/2023