GSR sensor reading - Maca's experiment

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2009 - 2014

UKI viral game takes inspiration from Rez Game(2001) and Blood Music, a science fiction novel by Greg Bear.

UKI viral game was first developed with a scripting workshop organized by Arsgames2009 at La Casa Encendida, Madrid. In 2010, a playlab workshop (led by Flavio Escribano) at medialab Prado. In 2011, UKI viral game reconsiders its interface design with workshop development at desvisualizar (led by Jaime del Val), medialab Prado (Madrid) and Plataforma Cero (led by Pedro Soler), LABoral, Gijon, Spain. In 2014, Isabelle Arvers joins UKI game development as producer. With an "experiences interactives" grant from Pictanovo of Lille Region Image Community, we hold one week residency at L'imaginarium (tourcoing, France) resulted in a preview presentation on June 7, 2014.

UKI viral game - introduction document

Special thanks to Martin Howse for his bio-sensor research.